Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Dreaming Clear

Dreaming Clear

The world spins while I’m Sleepin

Petrified when I’m Awake

My dreams they keep me waiting

As the fog of life rolls in

In reality I’m drowning

But my dreams  they  keep me safe

Discontent with my surroundings

I close my eyes and I’m ok


I stumble through the darkness

Unsure of where to go

I need the peace of my desires to get me thru this night

In the morning all I see

Is the man that I would be

If I closed my eyes and run away

Cause I’ll be dreamin clear

I won’t forfeit my ambitions

For a chance to live in fear.

But I’m trading all my heartaches

For a night to be consumed by fate and let my dreams come running  in



Then What is collides suddenly

With everything I want to be

The reflection staring back at me

Tells the story difference of a better me

Because my life and dreams are one and the same



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