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Vegas and the Billboard Music Awards

Ok so I am going to give a quick run down of my thoughts on Las Vegas followed by a more in depth explanation of my experience at the  2012 Billboard Music Awards.

With this being my first trip to Vegas I was totally excited. I obviously wanted to gamble a little and walk the strip and eat awesome food and just take it all in. I absolutely did all of that and then some.  Vegas is one of those places that can kill you if you dont have any restraint. Thankfully I have learned over the years how to have some self discipline…but not much.  One thing that was overwhelming was the volume of people walking around. Living in LA there is a perfect balance of population and surface area but Vegas, especially the strip was to much…I found myself going into casinos just to get away from the people outside. But that didnt protect me from the gaggles of bachelorette parties that wanted pictures with me.  As  a performer I love the attention but as a human being I just wanted to go to a quiet corner.  REGARDLESS I had a BLAST. Alot more i could say but lets just let it stay where it belongs…in Vegas.

The epicness of the weekend continued into Sunday! Since our checkin time for the Billboards wasnt until 2, Justin and I decided to get brunch at Emeril’s in the MGM Grand Hotel.

Brunch at Emeril’s

This was an absolute treat to say the least. The ambiance was great and the food was spectacular and the mimosas were just how I liked them…full of champagne.  Given how were were dressed our waiter even thought we were important people going so far as to wish us luck on the evening. Then it came time for the Awards festivities to begin!

After check in we went through all the protocols of removing cell phones and cameras and processed into the Grand Ballroom. Whenever I go to awards shows like these I am always excited/anxious about who I will sit next to.  In the past I have sat among the likes of Sandra Oh, Samuel L Jackson, The Mowry twins, Lawrence Fishburne, Brett Ratner, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Taye Diggs, and Emma Stone. This night was no different…I sat at my seat and immediately looked behind me and there was Nelly Furtado all dolled up and ready to perform later than evening. We smiled at each other and shook hands and Katy Perry came down the aisle with her grandmother and sat directly in front of me. I helped her grandmother out of the

wheelchair and into her seat.(I had no idea that katy is like 6’2 in heels. I was very surprised.) We said some words to each and then took our seats and then Ceelo came to sit next to me with his entourage of equally as big black dudes. The show started with a lively performance by LMFAO and if I wasnt so self conscious I probably would have “shuffled” in the aisle but as it is I needed to compose myself.  But what was even more exciting for me was the surprise that the Dumfy’s from Modern Family were the host. I LOVE THAT SHOW.

One thing people may not realize is that during commercial breaks there is alot of chaotic musical chairs going  on. People are moving all over to sit next to people they want to talk to or fill in empty seats all in the minute and a half of commercial time.  Eventually I joined the festivities and ended up sitting with the Usher/Bieber crew along with the guys from The Wanted (whose performance sucked by the way. Where do they find these people??) Anyway most of this posse was very stoic and emotionless with the excepti

on of the minors who were tossing back so much beer ***cough cough The Wanted and Bieber cough cough *** If you didnt notice something was way off about Biebs when he doing his acceptance speech for his award…blame it on the alcohol (his performance was affected as well I think. While enjoyable it was both uninspired and lackluster NOT TO MENTION THE OBVIOUS LIP SYNCHING).  But I digress While sitting there I found myself in conversation with this guy who I recognized but didnt know why…it turned out to be Biebs body guard. You know the one who gives Justin piggy back rides…all I am gonna say is thats not swagtastic at all Biebs.

After trading enough menacing glares from Mike Tyson (why the hell was here there, I cant begin to understand) I decided to go goof off with LMFAO’s party rock crew and they were soooo much fun! They were like excited for all the success and just making the most of it all.  Not taking themselves to seriously and shooting off confetti cannons…they even gave me a couple to shoot during the show. Their stylist even called me “Red Carpet gorgeous” (one of many highlights). Carrie Underwood’s performance was AMAZEBALLS and Jordin Sparks had me in tears. The best performances of the night hands down. The show ended with Stevie Wonder being honored as a billboard icon and then a incredibly classy performance with him and alicia keys. I MISS GOOD MUSIC!! I love Stevie Wonder. This was my first time being able to see him live and to say I was inspired would be the understatement of the decade.  Next to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder is one of most iconic influences to me musically because his musicality is legendary and doesnt require smoke and pyrotechnics to enrapture you. THAT IS TALENT! I aspire to that!

All in all the night was extremely memorable and inspiring. I am further convinced of my aim to be as engrossed in the music industry as humanly possible.  Not just for the accolades and attention (although I want those too) but for the chance to make an impression and a major difference the way so many artists do in the lives of their fans.  I will fight for this dream until it is realized! Thanks to Ceelo and Goody Mob last night I found my new LIfe Anthem.  “If I lose, then it was worth fighting for. If I win, then I only live to fight again!” So until next time folks. Be the person you always dreamed of being. MUCH LOVE!

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