Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.


So I am not usually a big proponent of superstitions and wivestales and things like that but after the week I had I am a firm believer in this statement “when you remove the negative no good people from your life it leaves room for the positive to flow in.”

A week ago I finally made that decision to do just that. Even if it meant removing people from being involved in my career and my apartment. Even if I looked like a villain to some, I knew it was time…I needed to do a spring cleaning both physically and emotionally.  As I was cleaning my apartment and having a conversation with God I got booked as a featured face on the show 90210 for the following day. Episode 422 be on the look out. I am all in the camera hahah. I was even chosen to be in the promotional photos with the cast for the episode.  It was such a great experience for me. While we were filming I got a call informing me I had been hand picked by a director to be in a new Pilot show. It is pilot season and Actors out here are all clawing at the chance to be in a pilot. For me to be cast was mind blowing for me. I of course said yes. Turns out the Director who wanted me for his Pilot was Rob McElhenny who created and stars in “Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia.” So I was stoked! My roommate Justin also recieved a call that day hiring him to be an assistant on a CBS pilot complete with office keys and a parking spot on the studio lot (BIG DEAL)!

I arrived on set bright and early tuesday morning to find out Donald Sutherland was the lead in the show. IF you dont know who he is then just go google the name.  The cast was rounded out with Kaitlyn Black from the CW show Hart of Dixie, Larry Wilmore from The Daily Show, and Mike Vogel from The Help and PanAm.  Needless to say I spent the rest of the week soaking up so much from these guys. Asking questions and listening intently to their advice and stories of being in this industry.     Towards the end of the week I came to work to find out I had been given a pay raise and a Taft Hartley. A Taft Hartley basically makes me immediately elligible for the Screen Actors Guild…this is something that usually takes most actors years to get but this production likes me enough to pay the $1000 to make me eligible. What this means is even better pay for every job I do from here on out and more featured roles as well. Also if the pilot is picked up I will have the chance to return and resume my role! WE are hoping FOX will pick it up but we wont know until May if it has been green lit! Fingers Crossed! I have lived in LA for 5 months and done alot of amazing things but to land a spot in a PILOT during my first pilot season and get SAG eligible is WILD!!

On Wednesday I had a conference call with YOBITV and Johnny Wright. We talked for a while then Johnny says he wants to see me succeed in my music career and he proceeded to tell me that I had been selected as one of the 9 artists to be flown out  to meet him and be coached and mentored by he and his team for a week and a half. Then given the chance to be signed with his management. NOW if you dont know who Johnny Wright is what ROCK have you been living under. This guy is a SUPER manager! He makes stars!

Johnny Wright with the Jonas Brothers

Johnny Wright with the Jonas Brothers

Over the last 20 years he has been manager to New Kids on The Block, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Justin Timberlake, and the Jonas Brothers. To just be mentored by him is an incredible opportunity but to be signed to his management would be monumental for my career! I am going to be a freakin sponge around this guy! HOLY COW! To be the best you have to put yourself around the best and JOHNNY WRIGHT is one of the best in this business!  YOBITV creates these MEGA opportunities for aspiring actors and artists like myself. I LOVE YOBI SO MUCH!!!!

If that weren’t enough to make me explode, God saw fit to add a cherry on top! About 3 months ago I was cast to play the love interest in a music video for an up and coming R&B artist Tiffani.  We filmed the video and it was alot of fun. Well Friday I received an email from the director stating we had to do some reshoots. The reason was because David Kershenbaum is wanting to have a viewing of the video.  Mr Kershenbaum is a super producer over at Captiol Records and has worked with Janet, Duran Duran, Tori Amos, and bunch of others. He even has a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.  So this is a HUGE deal for Tiffani but its really a big deal for all of us involved. So today we will be doing reshoots and I am so excited to see what happens with this and amazed that I even get to be a part of it.

A dam burst in Heaven when I got rid of the negative in my life! I am so humbled and thankful to God for being so kind to me. GEEZ! I couldnt do any of this without Him going before me or placing the kind of friends, fans, family, and supporters I have in my life.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!

3 responses

  1. Kawanis

    Love you too cuz. You are truly walking in the F.O.G.! (Favor of God) Congratulations and much more success is on the way. If you stay ready you won’t have to get ready.

    March 4, 2012 at 7:04 am

  2. mykellb

    Love you mucho prima! THE F.O.G is undeniable! Hope you and the fam are great in NC!

    March 4, 2012 at 7:25 am

  3. I am SOOOO ENJOYING hearing your updates as I am continually blown away! Good luck to you! Squee!

    March 4, 2012 at 7:29 am

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