Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

The NAACP Image Awards-something happened to me there

I just got back from the 43rd NAACP Image Awards and I just feel so ALIVE right now.  I went to the awards hoping to be inspired by something or someone. I have just felt really jaded recently as it pertains to humanity and specifically my generation and the one that follows me.  I needed to believe that we as people can do monumental history altering things. I needed to be inspired to live a life that counts and not just do things that get me a paycheck.  Tonight I was in the presence of great men and women who fought with unwavering strength to blaze trails for me and those like me to live out our dreams uninhibited.  And to say I was inspired is an understatement…

I sat in my seat on the 3rd row and at first noone was seated around me but then Kenny Latimore came and sat next to me (if you dont know who he is look him up he is awesome) and while we were talking Tia and Tamara Mowry came and sat down behind us with their husbands and then Loretta Divine, Sandra Oh, James Pickens Jr, and Chandra Wilson sat down to my left. I was already so giddy with the cast of Greys Anatomy and The Mowry twins around me but then Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Hudson, Laurence Fishburn, Samuael L Jackson and Wendy Raquel Robinson sit down in front of me. I am literally surrounded by all this incredible actors and they just keep pouring in. I am beyond star struck as they all greet each other and introduce themselves to me (probably because they think I am someone important since I am sitting in the middle of them all). For a moment the room stops as Sidney Portier and Cicely Tyson walk in. I found it so beautiful to see the kind of admiration these actors have for the legends that made it possible for them to live out their passions.  I actually teared up (it wouldnt be the last time of the night). Right as the show starts Taye Diggs and his wife squeeze in next to me. I was floating in a sea of stars and that wasnt even the beauty of the night…

One thing I realized tonight was how much my generation has robbed ourselves the richness of our heritage…and I am talking about African Americans.  Generally speaking, we know Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks did something important and thats about it. I refuse to believe we as a people know what was done for us because if we really did we wouldnt squander our education, our music and films would be overflowing with the same ripe passion poignancy as those of the past instead of the trite garbage we produce that reeks of  “quick buck”.   Being constantly reminded of the degradation of my culture I have been saddened and jaded and at a loss of what to do but tonight I watched in tears as the surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen stood with a huge sense of accomplishment as they were honored for fighting with pride for this country when they were barely seen as human.

The legends Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte

I wept as Sidney Portier and Harry Belafonte walked out on stage with such regality as representative of the black men and women who blazed trails and knocked down walls in Hollywood for themselves and those who would come after them by saying we will NOT just play slaves, and maids, and tapdancing servant boys WE are leading men, We are leading women, We are artist with WORTH. They were joined on stage with two more legends the elegant and beautiful Diane Carrol and Cicily Tyson to pay tribute to the Black Stuntmen Association who were fighting for those same rights in Hollywood for stuntmen.  When I saw all these men and women I saw lives lived with passion and purpose and courage.  I was in the presence of people whose very existence altered history, whether they intended it to or not.  That is a powerful thing to take notice of.  I think I take forgranted what I have been given and push aside the things that have been given on my behalf.  I was reminded tonight, however, that humanity in all our flaws and imperfections can stand for something beautiful. A person can decide to be more than their circumstance. A human heart can choose to be selfless at any given moment and live with the future of others in mind. I can create something that embraces the human condition with love until its better somehow.  I can be a proud black man with class and dignity and regality and humility. You can love where you are from but seek to make it better.

I am sorry if this makes absolutely no sense but I just wanted to type something while the experience was right on the surface.  I am still processing some things but I am sure you will get another blog about it sometime soon. Until then, Much love!

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  1. Amy

    It makes sense. Good for you.

    February 18, 2012 at 2:44 am

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