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The Sun Always Sets (RIP Whitney Houston)

If you have never had the opportunity to see a Sunset over the ocean, it is one of the most majestic and eerie things I have ever seen. Yesterday for the first time in my life I got to witness a sunset over the ocean.  While hanging out in Santa Monica with friends it never crossed my mind that I would see the sun set but as a crowd gathered to watch I was instantly swept into this glorious display that occurs daily.  Before I knew it people surrounded me to watch in awe as well.

Pic doesn't do it justice

As the sun went down over the horizon, to the left of me was a kid and his parents. His father lifted him over his head as he said “goodnight sun, see you tomorrow.” To my right was a hispanic family with a kid around the same age as the one on my left. His words were similar “Buenos Noches Sol!”

As the sun went down behind the horizon everyone applauded. I think I shed a tear. For me, it was poetry in motion.  Not to be to overly dramatic but it touched my soul.

Ten minutes later I learned that while I was watching the sun set, Whitney Houston died. Suddenly the poetry that I observed moment before took on a whole new meaning.  There have not been many celebrity deaths that have personally impacted me. Michael Jackson was one…Whitney Houston is another.  Her music, like Michael’s, is the soundtrack to my childhood.  She was so iconic to my mother and my aunts which in turn, made her iconic to me.  For years she embodied the essence of what a classy black woman is inspiring girls of my generation and the generation before with her music and her grace.  Even after years of a turbulent lifestyle, people idolized the Whitney we all knew and loved.  Her voice is unmatched to this day and I fear the world may never have a voice like hers again.

Shaped a generation

However, I think her passing hits me harder from an artist perspective. The music industry just doesn’t have iconic voices anymore. We autotune and make everything into club and dubstep remixes because the industry just wants to make money and the younger generation has NO appreciation for VOCAL POWER! Whats even worse is lyrically these artists are lazy and insincere and flat out stupid.  The potency is gone. What happened to the days when an artist could stand on the stage with a mic and just move you to tear with their voice alone. Whitney did that…OFTEN! With the passing of Whitney, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and many other iconic voices, what is going to happen to music?  Artists quality is digressing for a chance at a quick buck and the quality artists are dying…it sucks that an artist like Adele’s total appeal is that she is QUALITY vocals in an industry filled with Ke$has and Akons.

The sun always sets…but the sun always rises.  Who is going to rise up and bring music back to a place of quality iconic musicality and vocality.  In the words of Barney Stinson “Challenge Accepted.”

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  1. Challenge accepted.

    February 12, 2012 at 9:17 am

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