Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Small Victories-Steps to greatness

I am so excited about life right now. And not because I got signed by Interscope or because I am up for a Grammy (although both would be AMAZING). I have had some small victories today that get me excited about just my life and career.  I was invited to enter the Global Hardrock Battle of the Bands about a month ago. The first round was online voting. It was between me and 300 other LA based artists.  The top 9 would go on the compete live at the Hardrock on Hollywood Blvd.

With the help of many of my friends and fans I am one of those top 9 performers. 🙂 So on March 14 my band and I will be competing LIVE for the chance to represent Los Angeles in the National Battle.  I consider this a huge honor and a massive opportunity for exposure, networking, and winning over new fans.  DO I want to win this? ABSOLUTELY! But more than anything, making it to this live round is a victory. To play at the Hard Rock in Hollywood is MASSIVE and I get to do it!!!!!!!! I am the underdog in this competition though because I dont have a huge following and I am not from the area, but I am just going to lay it all out there on the stage and let my performance convince them what I have is REAL.

Another exciting bit of news….I have also moved forward to the 2nd round of the YOBI sing contest. Those of you who follow my career know that last year I placed 2nd in the YOBI contest which allowed me to costar with Mike The Situation in a really cool webseries and have many of my songs featured on the show…including  my song “New Stage” which was the theme song and the title of the show!  This time around the top 10 competitors will be coached by SUPER MANAGER Johnny Wright (yeah you know the manager of Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Justin Timberlake) in a boot camp style reality show culminating in the winner being signed to Johnny’s management.

For every round I advance the closer I get to this experience and I WANT IT! So as I solicit you guys for votes please dont grow tired of me. Just know that each vote serves to advance my career in HUGE ways and you all play a major role in that. I am so grateful for all the votes and support so far because it mean that people actually believe in me and my talent.  I am humbled honestly. Some days it is a battle to believe in myself but when others show that kind of support it is strength to me.  So thank you all. Because of you, today I celebrate small victories.


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