Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Hollywood-The Adventure so Far

As many of you may know I have recently relocated to the land of a million dreams…Hollywood. To say this place is fun and exciting would be a massive understatement. This city was created to draw you in and entertain you and overdose you on excessiveness. Hollywood, With all its glamour…overpriced sportscars lining the streets, florescent lights beckoning you to come and spend, blocks and blocks of nightclubs each with their promise of the time of your life (and they sure do deliver) modelesque people on every corner waiting in line for their 15 minutes…I absolutely love it! It is quite hypnotic like it is designed to make you forget why you came here in the first place (Not unlike the scene from “The Wiz” where they get lulled into the opium nightclub by the music and opium dust).
But It’s home!
But then you remember that you are on a mission. The pursuit of a dream. And Hollywood becomes a place of doors. This place has alot of doors…some doors are just open and some you can just knock once and someone lets you in. But most of the doors around here are closed, locked, padlocked, chained, with electronic password protected keycard entry and a vicious guard dog blocking the way. Seems a bit much but I guess its understandable when everyone wants to get in. You see EVERYONE here is either an actor, musician, singer, model, dancer, or a combination of a few of those…all trying to find their big break. Beating on every door in town hoping someone will let them in. I am new to this game. I come from south georgia and I am not used to seeing so many closed doors. I get discouraged even with the many victories I have had just in the month I have been here. I didn’t expect it to be easy or for opportunities to fall in my lap…I knew I would have to work my ass off. In my discouragement I have two options. I can get back up and start beating down doors or I can get lulled to sleep by this city with all its flashy lights. But enough of all the metaphors. I am excited because this chapter of my lifeis turning out to be bigger and more adventurous than I imagined. So stay tuned for tales from this epic journey…In the meantime I’m exactly where I am suppose to be. I am HOME!

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