Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

A Journal Entry from 12/28/2007

I am posting this entry because I was reading thru old journals today and this particular entry was like seeing my heart in a mirror through a magnifying glass that is peering through a microscope. haha but seriously I had to share it. Love you guys!

Standing on the top of this mountain I see it in the distance, far off on the horizon. What is it? Is it a chance? Is it change? Is it a fairytale wish I make in my head? It looks like Destiny but I could be wrong. This…thing is massive and seems to swallow the horizon as my heart sounds its next beat. Inescapable. I cannot take my eyes away! Before I know it I find myself consumed much like the Sun consumes the night. It is on me and in me and all around me as it calls to me like deep calls to deep. I cannot breathe…I am a part as it envelopes existence and time itself. Moving and flowing like the waves of the ocean. It is purpose. IT is hope. It is life.
I sit up in my bed, thinking it was a dream then I see the Horizon and i know something is coming. Something is here…bigger than me, bigger than us. It is the grandfather of Being and it is calling me to be a part of a story just as old. Inviting my heart to pulse with the Ebb and Flow of Destiny. Sweet Sovereign Destiny.

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