Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

The End

Every ending is like death. Some endings are abrupt and unexpected. Some endings are torture…you stand around watching and waiting for the inevitable finale that everyone is anticipating. Those endings are the worst because we are so consumed by the ever-coming end that we fail to really indulge in the journey. No matter how good or how bad the ending is they are always like death. Denying that something has come to an end is like denying someone has passed away. The heart beat is gone, the warmth has escaped, the motion has ceased…death. It is sad to see someone in desperation, attempt to reanimate a corpse, to shake and scream and beat the chest of a person long gone clinging to the hope that this isnt the end. It is even worse when you recognize its the end and have to sit around waiting for it to come like some hospice resident going thru the motions of sleeping, waking, and eating while being acutely aware of death’s approach. Truth is death is necessary for life, endings are necessary for beginnings. Despite how much it pains us to see something end, ultimately it is good for by endings we are urged to move forward. We are forced to grow and anticipate new beginnings and walk into unknowns with a certain faith that humans rarely enjoy exercising. I very much enjoy reuniting with old friends to reminisce of times long gone just as I enjoy recalling, with friends and family, fond memories of those who have passed away. It just makes life richer it seems. Endings are sad, endings bring freedom, endings give relief, endings lead to new beginnings, endings are inevitable, endings can be good and healthy, endings can be hurtful and full of bitterness, endings are obvious…Every ending is like death.

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