Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Miami B-Day 2010!

So I just got in from Miami and I wanted to post a blog while it was fresh on my mind. This trip was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed for many reasons. It further convinced me that experience is my muse. I went into this trip saying I am just going to enjoy myself and celebrate life and the freedom I have (it is my birthday!!!) I made up in my mind that I would eat only from places that werent in Valdosta, which wasnt hard because there was so much to choose from. There were a few time that, if you can have a love affair with a meal, I did! The beach was beautiful, the people were beautiful…like for the for the first time in a long time i didnt feel overdressed compared to everyone else. There is just something uninhibited about the Miami nightlife and I embraced it! There is nothing like the clubs in Miami… IT was like a 3 day party…music and dancing and pure pleasure! not the immoral kind but the fun kind, the kind i dont think we really have enough of, at least not in the social circles I find myself. It was interesting as well to realize that even though i fight to make the most of the life i’m given, i still sell myself short mostly out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of the opinions of others, or a mixture of the two. But I learned that my heart for God alone can and will guide me even with the most tempting and insane opportunities present themselves!
Anyway I had lot of fun, enjoyed celebrating life, and even got some songs out of the weekend too! so stay tuned!!

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