Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Experience-My Muse!

For most of us, our experience of life is one of reaction and mundanity with a distinct lack of substance. We are creatures intent on doing what we must for survivals sake alone with rare moments of vibrant experiences sprinkled along the way. In fact for most of us even our taste of real life are authored by a movie we watch, book we read, music we listen to, or even a vivacious sermon we’ve heard…all of which are someone else expressing their own experience of life. We seek to be entertained but rarely are looking for an experience! Therefore, those things cannot be our experiences of life, no matter how hard we wish it. Those artistic expressions are meant to compel you to go out and experience life for yourself. I believe that our day to day lives are meant to have more “stop and smell the roses” moments. We are suppose to taste exotic foods and see things you’ve never seen before, travel off the beaten path and explore the unknown, become enamored with someone unexpectedly and just as quickly get over it, the ecstasy of finding what you didnt even know you were looking for …in those moments, beyond those moments, thats where art comes from.
I have a freedom to know the wind on my face, to make calculated bad decisions and good ones enjoy the life I’ve been given. The truth is most people never take a solid grip on life and squeeze ever last drop out of it. I do! I want more and more!! I want to experience life for those who never will! My goal from now on is to experience something everyday that inspires me….Relationships, places, foods, ideas, smells, cultures…I hope to document my experiences here everyday to encourage you to go out with intentionality to experience the life you have.
Experience, my muse, from it comes my music.

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