Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

She is missed-Her Impact Still Felt

My Grandmother’s birthday is today…and I miss her a little bit more on days like this. She was one of the most amazingly loving women I have ever seen or known and that is a fact! She loved her family so well…she loved my friends simply because they were my friends. She was so interested in everything about my life (girlfriends, dreams, ambitions, my relationship with God) She had 22 grandchildren and made it a point to come to at least one of our football games, recitals, competitons, graduations, or productions. With the exception of God and my parents, noone has ever made me feel so worthy of love…

As I think about her today I wonder what kind of impact do I make on those around me. Do I love them well? Do I go beyond the moment to show how much I care? My Grandmother’s sought to love people the way Jesus Loves her…that is a high aim but I seek the same. Most days i dont think i do it very well but through the life of my grandmother I have a pretty good picture of what it looks like. So in tears today I say Happy Birthday Grandma, thanks for loving me! But more than that thank you for showing me how to love well.

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