Being who I want to be, living how I want to live in this crazy town called Hollywood.

Passion-Life’s compass

I’ve been thinking about passion alot recently. Not just my passions but fundamentally what passion means.  I’ve come to the conclusion that passion is more than just a strong (and often flighty) emotion about someone or something. I believe that passion is a measurement…passion measures the distance you are willing to go for the sake of a person, or idea, or occupation,…etc.  Alot of people say they have passions but I find it hard to comprehend that when their lives are defined by sitting around doing absolutely nothing.  Passion evokes vibrancy and movement and direction. Passion may not fuel life but it gives purpose to life.  I get unbelievably frustrated at the realization that we as people have become so passion-less.  It’s like we have been lulled to sleep by shiny things, empty ideas, and our contentment to sit around with other passionless people complaining about how boring and mundane our lives are.  I get angry at myself for trying to stifle passion in my life out of fear of failure or  the disapproval of others.  I never want to live a life where everyday i am just going through the motions, doing what must be done until I can go to sleep and wake up and do it all over again…I want my life to be marked by risk and potency and risky love and vibrant relationships! But more than that I want the art of my life to be passion.

Christ is my passion, but He is more than that…He is the fuel of my life, the driving force behind my passions. Fundamentally His kingdom, His glory is my passion…Every major action I take in my life is for the sake of His glory. Everything flows from that.  Music is my passion because I am created from it. I am born for it.  It is chorus of my thoughts and the birthplace of my dreams. I will go to great lengths and risk things to make music…good music.  My hope is that soon enough you will hear music from me that captures the risk and the uniqueness and commitment that I desire to define me.

With that being said, the studio has been sending me some great tracks and I’ve been doing alot of writing.  I am excited about the direction the music is taking because it is beginning have the sound i hear in my head.  I just have to keep listening and pressing in.  Anyway, this blog has been long enough but I wanted to share a little of my heart with you.  I hope you enjoy my music but more than that I hope you get to live a life with passion! Love you!


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